Geoffrey Cormaeril

Human Paladin from Cormyr


I am Geoffrey Cormaeril, second son to Lord Hethios Cormaeril.  While my brother will take up the duties of our house, I will spread the glory that is Lathander.
This is Feltears, the sword of my forefathers.  It has slain many evil creatures since its forging, and it is now my great honor to carry it into battle against anyone who would harm an innocent.
Geoffrey was always an upbeat child.  Positive in his attitude he was often outspoken and influenced those around him.  Not one to cause trouble he still managed to find his fair share, mostly when he felt that others were being unfair, or blatantly mean.  His family name was often used against him as he was openly mocked as being a traitor to the crown.  As he got older he would often sneak off to distance himself from his house, and work among the commoners, or so he thought.  His father kept a close eye on him when he left the house, one of his father’s best men would always be close behind him watching and perhaps influencing his surroundings.

It wasn’t until his early teens that he really first felt his calling.  While walking through the market place he stumbled onto a kidnapping of a young girl.  Attempting to come to her aid things went from bad to worse.   While his intentions were of course the best, having no significant fighting skill, he was no match for the assailants.  Even before his father’s men could react, a bystander, a cleric of Lathander intervened.   Using only a few simple spells of command and charm the men gave up and turned themselves in.  This had a profound impact on the young Geoffrey.  He soon spent his time studying the teachings of Lathander, in hopes of becoming a priest himself, but even with all of his effort he was unable to succeed in the order.

His father then set him on his true path.  Taking him aside after some significant disappointments with his teachings, his father, Hethios began talking about his families checkered past.  Unlocking a large chest he drew forth a long sword.  “This is Feltears, a holy sword.  It has been in our family for many generations.  Many of our family have sought to accomplish noble deeds, but it is a difficult road.  Perhaps you can do it, not as a priest, but as a holy warrior, a paladin of Lathander.”

With that his father made arrangements for his training to begin.  Geoffrey showed incredible tenacity for his training always putting his failures behind him and pressing onward.  In time he passed his tests and took his vows to uphold the standards of his order and to perhaps return honor to the house of Cormaeril.

Geoffrey Cormaeril

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