Valeska Havelock

Human Morninglord from Cormyr


Name: Valeska Havelock
Description: Valeska is 21 years old, 5’6”, 120 lbs. She has medium-length, light brown hair that she fastens back with a large barrette gilded depicting the rising sun. She has large, chocolate-brown eyes.


Valeska is from a small farming village named Bogbrook in Cormyr. Her large, close-knit family raises livestock and horses. She is a middle child with 6 other brothers and sisters. Life in Hillshire was generally peaceful. Within a day’s leisurely journey of Bogbrook is the port city Marsember where trade for farming goods was in demand and where a Purple Dragon recruiting and training facility and a Temple of Lathander made their residence. The lands were fertile and good for grazing and growing crops.

Occasionally traders, rangers or adventurers stopped into the town on their way to the city, but this was mostly a rarity. However, one evening a ranger returned from helping some local folks investigate search for several lost sheep. He had discovered some large reptilian tracks along with sheep remains. He advised the shepherds of the area away from certain grazing grounds close to the hills, and was planning on going back to investigate further.
Rumors spread and whispers of “dragon” were heard around town. As it happened a rare group of sanctioned adventurers spending the night on their way to the city found out about the rumors and went traipsing off into the hills in search of a young dragon that might hold some treasure. What they discovered was a wyvern nest. Greedy for spell components, the wizard of the group urged her companions to dispatch one of the beasts. They slew one of the young wyverns in the nest before one of the adults returned and attacked the party. The group of adventurers fled, evading the angry wyvern and its mate. At dusk the wyvern parents and their fledgling children flew to Hillshire to get rid of the humans who posed a perceived threat to their nesting area.

The wyverns were spotted before they reached the town. Thinking they were dragons in the dim light, and frightened that their town could not withstand attack from them, they quickly evacuated to the nearby woods that lay between their town and the city. Valeska however had been missing for quite some time. She had been playing hide and seek with friends and siblings until late in the day and fell asleep in her hiding spot. She awoke in the dark to a town inhabited only by angry, winged monsters.

As dawn arrived, the townsfolk returned with Purple Dragon protectors and a priest of Lathander from the city. Seeing the bright, shining knights with sharp weapons, the wyverns fled the remains of the town they had been tearing though all night. As the group drew closer, fearing the worst for the girl who had been left behind, Valeska stepped out from the ruins, haloed by the light of the rising sun. The priest of Lathander took this as a sign of blessing and asked if Valeska could come and study at the Temple of Lathander.
And so, Valeska began her first bit of formal schooling at the city at age 12 and trained to become a priestess of Lathander. She remembers very little of that terrible night in the town…just dodging black, winged monsters with barbed tails, sharp claws and deadly jaws. It is possible that the wyverns were so intent on the sport of catching this one small bit of elusive prey that they remained in the town instead of searching out the fleeing townsfolk. But occasionally Valeska has nightmares about it, and she has ever after harbored a fear of the darkness. Dim light, moonlight and starlight make her mildly jumpy, but utter blackness is a thing of nightmares for her.

Personality: Valeska is no stranger to hard work, having been raised in a farming community and having helped rebuild her town after the attack of the wyverns. She is very family oriented and cares a great deal about the welfare of her home town, patrons of the church, friends and family. However, she is self-conscious about her lower class roots when in the company of members of the higher social classes. She speaks softly, but firmly and is often the first to volunteer for a quest or mission for a good cause. She often answers questions with questions. She is a woman of actions more than words. Her emotions run deep. She loves music, and often expresses herself by playing her musical instrument and writing melodies. Typically in battle, she will not strike the first blow, but will defend herself and her friends fiercely. She is meticulously organized, and takes a nearly guilty pleasure in enjoying spicy foods.

Three Things Your Character does well

Writing/performing music
Caring for others in need
Taking care of domesticated animals, particularly horses

Three things your character does poorly

Speaking her mind
Manage herself in total darkness
Take the lead

Three Beliefs Your Character holds

Lathander’s grace saved her life
Caring for people and animals in need is paramount
Being organized and prepared is half the battle

Three instincts your character holds

Listen well and consider before you speak
Always keep a light handy
Never hold back from helping someone, even if it is in a small way

Three Emotional attachments your character holds

Her family
Her church

Valeska Havelock

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