Cloven Shield

The Cloven Shield is a loud inn and tavern in Marsember, Cormyr.

The tavern is situated on the island immediately south of the Morningmist Hall in the Cormyrian area.

Upon entering the inn, customers pass under a sign painted with a shield broken in two, and find a place designed for drinking and partying into the late hours.

Even the the guests are noisy, the establishment offers fair quality food at a cheap price. Used by adventurers as well as Zhentarim, the Cult of the Dragon, and those from Thay, fights and brawls break out almost every night. Many of these unsavory customers are looking to hire mercenaries and others of ill repute.

Large room rented per night for 10gp (Includes stabling and meal for nine people)

On 2 Mirtul, Year of the Shield, a group of adventurers chartered as “The Guardians of the Dawn” inadvertently set fire to the Cloven Shield. The fire was a total loss. The erstwhile group paid to have the tavern rebuilt, but to this day, are reticent about returning.

Cloven Shield

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