The Rod of Seven Parts

Spelunking - Part 1

The party arrived in Ravilar’s Cloak under the direction of Saren .

They bid farewell to their guide, and after some brief information gathering which included a short audience with Albon Hammershale, the group decided to head west into the Orsraun Mountains.

While Kelaria Silverbow found evidence of orc movements, none were encountered.

Eventually through the guidance from the 1st Segment of the Rod of Seven Parts, the group found a cave enterance leading down.

Leaving Marinthel and Mouse to watch the horses, the group descended.

After traveling a short while, the group was able to determine that the caves seemed to be a deserted Goblin warren, most likely that of the Ancient Ax clan.

The party encountered the gnome adventurer Mazzel Quickblade and his giant badger companion, Thisbe. Mazzel indicated that he and some of his fellow gnomes had been searching the caves for treasure, but had been largely unsuccessful. The gnome did warn the party that in the deeper levels of the complex were some extremely anti-social fish-men. With that, the diminutive adventurer wished the party luck and left.

Traveling downward for miles, eventually the group entered a chamber whose walls sported deposits of quartz. When the illumination from the continual light amulet carried by Valeska Havelock hit the quartz, it reflected into one of the chambers beyond which disturbed a colony of Shriekers.

The baleful fungi released a hellish cacophony which echoed throughout the complex. Though the group was able to make short work of the shriekers, their presence had been announced.

Hearing noise from the passage to the south, the group investigated and were attacked by a hungry Umberhulk. While the party was able to inflict severe harm on the beast with concentrated attacks, the creature opted to cause a cave-in to cover its escape. Luckily none of the Guardians of the Dawn were severely injured, still, the passage to the south was now blocked.

Deciding to travel north and east, the adventurers entered a large natural cavern filled with cultivated mushrooms. The chamber was also home to 8 of the fish-men (now known to be Skum) described by Mazzel.

Once again, the group was able to triumph over the strangely silent attackers, but the lack of sounds from their opponents seemed to unnerve the stalwart heroes.

Catching their breath, Geoffrey Cormaeril noted that the artifact segment still indicated that they needed to go down and to the east…



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