The Rod of Seven Parts

Spelunking - Parts 4-6

Still miles beneath the Orsraun Mountains, and electing to move on, the Guardians of the Dawn inevitably found a passage leading even deeper into the depths. After a nasty brush with some very large leeches, they made their way down.

Successfully dispatching a Cave Fisher which had set a trap over a treacherous chasm, the party was able to make their way to a strange area of the Aboleth’s lair.

The heroes encountered numerous human and bugbear slaves. The slaves had little will of their own and seemed to be mining rock for an as yet undisclosed purpose. Even though the Guardians made short work of the slaves’ overseers, they were unable to snap the prisoners out of their lethargy.

It was at this time that an emissary from the Emerald Enclave, Durant, appeared to make an offer of aid in the quest that the heroes currently faced. The group readily accepted Durant’s offer, as two of the party had chosen to part ways. Akela, having suffered ill effects from the chaos magic she wielded, had elected to leave the caverns to try and rectify her ailment. Dreshen had chosen to accompany her.

Shortly after that, another wayward adventurer joined the ranks of the Guardians. Rory, a human treasure-seeker arrived, claiming he had been guided by one of the Wind Dukes to the party’s current location. Not being ones to turn away aid, the group readily accepted his offer to help as well.

Once introductions had been made, the group moved eastward. Scouting ahead, Rory found a rough-hewn chamber containing 3 small pools of water. Exploring further east, he and Kelaria discovered a large chamber dominated by a pool of indeterminate depth.

Shortly after that, a line of Kuo-toan sorcerers emerged from the pool and began to attack with arcane lightning. Luckily, the combined wisdom of the party was able to quickly determine that this was an illusion perpetrated by the submerged aboleth in the pool.

It was quickly revealed that there was an actual kuo-toa in the water as he peppered some of the group with Javelins of Lightning. Making quick work of the kuo-toa, the group was able to focus on the aboleth. A judicious use of lighting by Lemuel allowed for a quick victory.

Geoffrey and Durant were able to scout ahead through a sinkhole at the bottom of the pool and have determined that the next leg of the group’s journey will most likely be under water. As the party takes a few moments to catch their breath, they are left to ponder the implications of this revelation….



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